[IWantOut] 30M Brazilian -> EU/UK

2022.01.19 04:53 peilom [IWantOut] 30M Brazilian -> EU/UK

I read other posts but it is so hard for me not follow a script, so I have to follow my internal script:
I don't live where war takes place. I have enough to eat and have a roof above my head.
I'm a PhD fellow at a Federal University in Brazil in Environemntal Sciences. I graduated as a civil engineeconstruction engineer.
My PhD is about to be over (2023). There is no job in sight. And I think it will only get worse.
I worked as a private english tutor (though it doesn't show) for about 5 years. I lived in Portugal and the US for one year and six months, respectively.
I worked in Brazil as a bartender for about a year, in Portugal as an acoustic guitar player for 4 months, I played semi-professional football (soccer) for 3 years (but I had to stop due to health issues).
The years overlap as money was short for the majority of it.
I have never been afraid of work (the only thing I'm truly afraid of... and it is diagnosed is spiders. I've got a mild case of arachnophobia).
Nowadays, I've been trying to research new implementations of artificial intelligence methods applied to the prediction of water quality parameters.
I think I dug myself a hole with my life choices. I'm not an expert in machine learning/coding/programming nor am I an expert in chemical processing of water samples... I am in a limbo of not being an expert in anything. I feel that I am a somewhat capable data scientist.
I was born in a middle-class family, my parents were not. I don't think that I compare to the cunning that my mom and dad possess... but I digress.
I don't feel that Brazil offers or will offer any work opportunity for me. Specially when we take into account the deep financial crisis that will follow the pandemics.
As long as I have a home that will not be broken into, as long as I have a wage that allows me to buy gas for my car, as long as I can walk the streets without thinking that I will be robbed at gun point (all of which happened to me) I am willing to forego of my degree and go back to be a waitebartender or cleaner or toilet swiper.
Though I am very proud of my native-american ascendence, though I am very proud of being Brazilian. This place is no longer for me. The place that I wish to be working is somewhere where I feel financially secure (though ideally, almost utopically, as a data scientist).
I will work at any job that allows me to not have to go back to my parents house... for the third time.
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2022.01.19 04:53 dragonakia Sad skinny demon has a great community. There's is an active NFTs 🎁Giveaway on discord. Link at the comments.

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2022.01.19 04:53 SAMMYYYTEEH Hopium?

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2022.01.19 04:53 Agima [100% OFF] Learn Carnatic Flute | Shyama Shastri Krithis - Vol 1 (2 days or 853 registrations left)

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2022.01.19 04:53 giwhS please help, ASIO Link tool error " Cant create ASIO buffers - is the buffer size supported by the ASIO driver? (-999) [] "

I havn't messed with or changed anything since install. it's been working fine for months. Then today it crashed and I can't get asio to start again. I have no sound and don't know how to diagnose this. I've tried googling the error message and nothing similar comes up in the results.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.19 04:53 Trix1112 A tribute to THE 1975

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2022.01.19 04:53 OOMPA_SHUNGITE My fox oc in sonic pulse rp on roblox

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2022.01.19 04:53 kchoo2 Home security offer on Plat. Their products any good?

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2022.01.19 04:53 JustSomeDudeFromHD Earn REAL crypto in this Play2Earn mining Simulator game! 1000 Satoshi sign up bonus! Double ETH rewards!

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2022.01.19 04:53 utter_filth_mate42 Aha, but which short-haired strong, independent woman am I talking about?

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2022.01.19 04:53 New_Tangerine_179 Help me Search for Jobs and Build a Portfolio Based on my Current Skill Set?

I am looking to leave my current job soon. I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering in December 2020. Started working full time for a military contractor on a project with a big hardware component. Found out while working there that:
1) I actually would rather focus on software only (instead of the jack of all trades CmpE path I was going down) and that 2) I don't care about military contracts.
I am also not living up to my full potential there since a closed lab environment is not good for my ADHD.
Problem is I am not fully aware of my options. In school, the majority of my work was in C or C++. I originally learned programming with Python and have done internship projects in that language. My current job consisted of more firmware in C and C++, and then I was working on a GUI in WinForms and WPF using C# .NET. When just searching for those keywords a lot of mid-level to senior level jobs came up. When just searching software remote jobs I got mostly web development, which I have nearly zero experience in.
Advice for finding a web development job seems really straightforward. If you want to be a front end dev then you learn the basics, pick up a framework, and create projects with it. Then you can search for jobs with "Front-end" and "" as keywords to see if your skills fit.
I am not sure how to do that with my skills. A lot of Python jobs seem to be data science or DevOps, which would mean I'd need to teach myself stuff like numpy or Selenium or something right? If I were using the same formula as web development. I wanted to get into game dev, which would mean I would need to pick a game engine and then make a game, but the lack of work life balance seems to be sad.
I don't really care about the industry I'm in at the moment, as long as I can work remote.
I want to find a remote job because it will allow me to work with my disability. Being able to work remote should also give me the flexibility I need to learn independently. A big part of staying motivated in college was the ability to continue with a lesson on my own when I got bored. Ex: if I finished a game for a programming assignment I could keep adding to it and making it better in my own time bc there are so many resources on the internet for self teaching.
It hasn't been possible to do that at my job because I can only work on the hardware at specific times, the space is limited, I never got any formal training, and the team is extremely small so no one has time to teach me.
I am a new grad with mostly embedded systems experience trying to find a fully remote software job. I am good with C, C++, Python, and C# in that order.
What jobs would I be good at right now?
What keywords should I be using in my job search (think frameworks and higher level technolgies not just the programming language)?
What projects can I do to get enough experience to get a software only job?
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2022.01.19 04:53 mountaiNsideecstat Lilith Cavaliere show that perfect butt

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2022.01.19 04:53 Gelgisen Κάρτα του ΟΑΣΑ και NFC στο κινητό

Υπάρχει μήπως κάποιο app ή τρόπος ώστε να περάσω τη κάρτα στο κινητό και να σκανάρω το NFC του κινητού για να μπαινοβγαίνω στο Μετρό και στα υπόλοιπα μέσα αντί για την κάρτα?
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2022.01.19 04:53 Melli-95 Einstiegsgehalt nach Master angemessen?

Job: Personalreferentin, 51.000€ brutto (inkl. 13. Gehalt und variablem kleinen Bonus, den man wohl fast immer ganz bekommt) bei mittelständischem Industrieunternehmen
Hier die Basic Facts zu mir: • Bachelor und Master im Bwl-Bereich (fancy Namen, nenne ich hier jetzt mal nicht) • 2 Praktika, davon 1 im HR Bereich (namenhafte große Unternehmen) • 3 Werkstudentenstellen (ebenfalls große Unternehmen), davon 2 im HR Bereich • Auslandssemester • Beide Studiengänge zu 90% auf Englisch
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2022.01.19 04:53 danisevenfold [TAB] Valorant - Die For You Grabbitz Guitar Cover

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2022.01.19 04:53 madamecrow27 lain was big brother all along (edit by 2019 me)

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2022.01.19 04:53 Metalhead_Kyu First game of 2022. Dread Waaagh Vs Crusher Stampede

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2022.01.19 04:53 pen15_parker How does Doc Ock not get knocked out from Spider-Man’s punches?

He’s just a regular guy, so how is he withstanding so many punches to the face, he should’ve been knocked out cold several times.
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2022.01.19 04:53 rosco1502 Help with fixit ticket

How do we know what building we're in? Lol? It says Cowell RH BUILDING 1-7. What is Beard house? What is Parkman? Parrington? Help.
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2022.01.19 04:53 Sasquatchofadown P.L.U.C.K. Live from the Aerials Minimax Single

This has to be one of THE best performances of P.L.U.C.K. Bar none!
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2022.01.19 04:53 muttonpatty Furr-tunate capture XT100 fujinon xc50-230

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2022.01.19 04:53 A-MacTir 1.18 tnt duper issues.

Ive built a tnt tunnel bore on a minecraft server and built it correctly as it does run perfectly. problem is that the Coral now breaks and the TNT no longer dupes. have i actually done something wrong or is there something im not seeing? Its this one for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-P9387oWWU
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