Naiara Azevedo cantando do nada e constrangendo pessoas às 3 horas da manhã

2022.01.19 03:58 gbercot Naiara Azevedo cantando do nada e constrangendo pessoas às 3 horas da manhã

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2022.01.19 03:58 Alarming-Tree-7415 Tengo de pao dm para intercambios

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2022.01.19 03:58 KnowAfrika Outgoing IMF envoy criticizes Tunisia’s economic plans

It is not more hidden that Tunisia is not just suffering politically but having a toss on economic grounds as well.
The International Monetary Fund highlighted the weak economic planning of the country recently saying that the African nation needs deep economic reforms to sustain things further.
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2022.01.19 03:58 ausnap360 Flair submission - Class of Their Own!
Yesterday I submitted an attempt for this flair, but somehow it changed to DP off. I ensured double that this isn’t the case for today’s session.
It took 4 attempts with a couple draws and a UD loss, the 4th attempt was the for the Money.
I got gassed a few times because I started this bout at 15 rounds in so you will see me going in for a clinch and hitting him with small lot shots to catch a breath and buy some time.
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2022.01.19 03:58 politicly1 Swalwell Leads Democrats in Pushing for IRS to Resolve Tax Return Backlog

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2022.01.19 03:58 vinnyquaid Team 1 or Team 2? Torn on doing Icardi but don’t want to miss out. Messi would eat a chunk of the coins I’ve been saving for TOTY as well as the SBC as I don’t have much fodder atm. Worth it though? 🤔

Team 1 or Team 2? Torn on doing Icardi but don’t want to miss out. Messi would eat a chunk of the coins I’ve been saving for TOTY as well as the SBC as I don’t have much fodder atm. Worth it though? 🤔 submitted by vinnyquaid to fut [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 03:58 Rajmoviehub Eternals full movie Hindi dubbed

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2022.01.19 03:58 imnotexcited6 New designed luxury apartments

Went over to deliver to these new luxury 1,000+ apts
they can't design a call box that you can scroll fast to navigate and reach the customer.
I sat their punching and pressing the scroll button to reach the customer. There was at least 1000 names in the call box
Luckily the customer name started with a G
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2022.01.19 03:58 Beautiful_Question_9 Manga/Webcomic, Anybody wanted

My name is Konaikayo and I'm working on a manga/Comic/Webcomic series with some people and am looking for any amount of people to help with it, I'm here on behalf of our small group to try and get anyone to help in any department, I'll list a few things that could need some help! Artists Storyboard writers Charachter designers Translators (If anyone speaks Japanese or any other language, Google translate won't be of any use but if you speak any language that works!) Background artists Special effects artists (Basically small little things like adding effects to show someone is trembling, Happy, Sad, Hit something or angry) Writers (If anyone wants to translate it into a Novel at any point, Because one of our artists wants to) People to review our stuff
About our Manga
The genre of the Manga is Comedy/Shonen, Adventure
We have 2 artists and a tech person
Also anyone that joins can give criticism to storyboards, Art decisions and such, Its just if something isn't changeable we're sorry
What you can expect from us
We have an extremely dedicated team with good ideas, Though we just need help with coming up with some more ideas and such
If we ever get money for doing this, Every member will get their share depending on how much they do, So if you do 100 panels you'll be payed more than someone who does 3
We go for Quality over Quantity, So if we can't get anything to go right one week, Then that's our fault but no pressure on our team, Because I wouldn't want some half-finished art going into this
If you're interested PM me,
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2022.01.19 03:58 Busty_negroni My carts coils are burning is it safe to keep smoking this?

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2022.01.19 03:58 ElyeProj Kotlin Collection Functions: Zip, ZipWithNext, UnZip

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2022.01.19 03:58 Caboose8456 how am I supposed to get huge success adventures?

this new years missions for 1k cronos has like 1 day left. and the only mission I have is get 15 huge adventures. I've been non stop doing them like the hour ones as much as I can but I barley get them. I've been at it for days and its such a struggle. is there any sort of strategy too it? or do I have to get lucky. because I might miss a entire 1k of crystals at the pace I'm going.
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2022.01.19 03:58 Unagiokiri Cat Dental Health

My 10 year old, American shorthaired cat’s breath was more stinky than usual lately. I just moved so I figured it might be a stress thing but I decided to look at her mouth today and I noticed one of her canines has a dark spot near the top. The other teeth are not pristine white and pearly but do not have this mark or anything like it. They look fine. The gums are pink like normal and there is no redness or bleeding at all. She hasn’t lost interest in food but I do give wet food but her treats are hard and she still eats those too. Poking the tooth she doesn’t even wince or cry out in pain. I massaged all around her mouth and no signs of pain at all either.
Looking into it I kept getting gingivitis or periodontist but those both really say other symptoms are gum trouble and bleeding but again, none of that. I figured it just might be a bad tooth but the lack of pain shown confuses me.
I got an appointment scheduled already but I’d like to ask here to maybe get an idea if this is something more serious or not. Anyone experience this before or something like it?
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2022.01.19 03:58 a_whitemask_roamer I have a phobia of shower heads and showers/bathtubs in general.

Ever since I can remember, I've been scared of how shower heads looked and showers/bathtubs in general. I've literally had nightmares of being in rooms that had motion activated shower heads all over the walls and everywhere I went they would turn on. Is there a name for this phobia? I assume it's a very very very strange fear.
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2022.01.19 03:58 whirring-shark NPD! all the way from South India Folks (Camlin Elegante inked with Camlin Scarlet Red)

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2022.01.19 03:58 Affectionate-Kale-69 Captain Schettino

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2022.01.19 03:58 juanmajeed True?

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2022.01.19 03:58 ZoolShop By the Numbers: The massive asteroid that came within 1.2 million miles of Earth - ABC News

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2022.01.19 03:58 Lucinade I have 479 hours on my character and I'm still a sprout. Get gud nerds

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2022.01.19 03:58 vcaa_shit Newly read up on GLMR

Hey everyone discovered this absolute gem in what it can offer long-term.
I'm just curious as to why people think a large sell off will happen in the coming weeks?
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2022.01.19 03:58 sadie789 Does anyone know of a cereal that’s like a GF version of froot loops? Or a GF version of any popular cereal?

Missing my old favorite sugary cereals. Wondering if anyone has tried a good dupe for actual froot loops? Or any popular cereal?
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2022.01.19 03:58 SuggestionUseful8050 Help

Hi everyone,
Looking for some advice here. I'm a newly wed and my wife and I have been fighting A LOT lately.
Here's my perspective of the fights and events:
(1) wife has been getting angry at me and giving me a hard time Ex) I missed taking the trash day and then she accused me of purposefully missing it due to laziness and it turned into a fight about how I do nothing around the house.
(2) a few days had passed and I let her know that I'm sorry for frustrating her and I'm happy to hear her issues, I just had a real problem with how she has been talking to me. I feel like she's assuming my motivation for things that aren't true and she's being a little bit nasty. -it turned into a big fight about how I never do anything (which I completely disagree with) and she ended up saying that because she expressed frustration to me about the garbage and other things, I'm drilling into her about her tone and being mean just to make her feel bad about it. However, I am absolutely not doing that. I never want her to feel bad things, I'm just trying to share what I was feeling.
(3) that fight continued into the night and I felt like, to put it frankly, I was just being messed with. I tried to keep it reasonable and rational and the fight just kept getting worse. I felt like she was talking circles around me, accusing me of changing, not caring about her, being lazy, never doing anything...etc. I couldn't believe this stemmed from my initial request for her to just be nice when expressing frustration.
I feel like my strength is owning up to my mistakes and apologizing when I understand it. So I feel like I'm desperately trying to understand her so I can say sorry for something but it just isn't making sense.
I felt like every concern I expressed she would turn it back on me. It felt like a complete mind game which I am 100% not about. I tried explaining that I was feeling like she was turning things on me and blaming me for things and giving me a hard time that she herself does that I have brought up in the past to her, but that just made the fight escalate even worse.
(4) I ended up researching what psychological and emotional abuse looked like and it felt like to me, especially in the heat of an argument, that that's what was going on. I told her she was doing that to me. She ended up crying and apologizing to me.
(5) last night I asked her if she was OK, I could sense something was really bothering her, and she said that she was upset about our fight and that I called her an abuser. I apologized for calling her an abuser and said I should have said that that's what I was feeling like was going on, but I should have given her the benefit of the doubt.
She got upset at me and said I turn things around on her and that was emotional abuse according to my definition. She asked me to apologize again for calling her an abuser and asked me to explain why she is not. I got upset and said to her that it should be her responsibility to explain to me why her actions are abusive. I said I believed that that is what should happen because, now that she told me I'm turning things on her and being abusive, all I wanted to do was explain to her how I'm not and I was very concerned she actually felt like that. I said to her that if one person says they are feeling abused, the other person, if they aren't abusing, would and should be all over trying to fix the problem. This made her more angry and she changed the subject to something else I've done to make her upset. I redirect her to what we were just talking about and she says she didn't understand what I was saying so we moved on .
(6) she brought up how she feels like she can't express herself to me without me justifying myself and making her feel bad (which is something similar that I've said to her in the past).
I believed that what was happening here is that when she is upset about something, sometimes she assumes something about my motivation that isn't true. I then try and explain my motivation, and she's taking it as if I'm justifying myself and not apologizing (e.g., she thought I purposefully didn't take the garbage out but I just forgot because I was busy).
I tried asking what she would like me to do when she's mad at me for something that I believe I didn't do. She wasn't really making sense, saying I need to apologize first and then explain myself. I said I'm then apologizing for something I didn't do. I then said I could apologize for how my words made her feel but she got upset and escalated off of that. She kept changing the subject to other things I've done wrong and I kept trying to redirect to the solution finding conversation I was trying to promote and just as I thought we were getting somewhere, the topic gets changed about how I've wronged her, demanding an apology.
It ended on a note where she said that "You could have a girl...nevermind"
Me: "what?"
Her: "it could be a lot worse with the other girls out there"
This is all making me really mad. I feel like I'd do anything for this woman and I love her to death. How dare she accuse me of all this stuff, talk about me with other girls, and the "it could be worse" comment, what is that about???
I need some help here thinking about this. I have heard her say repeatedly that I drill her with the things she's doing wrong...perhaps she's just interpreting me as giving her a hard time so she's giving me a taste of my own medicine?
Am I in an abusive relationship?
Does she just simply not understand how ineffective and illogical our conversations are?
Am I just going to have to apologize for things I didn't do? Then she will build this false perception of who I am then and I become a whipping boy
Am I wrong here?
Is this just miscommunication?
I'm really heart broken over this. She's a very intelligent girl and fell in love with for her kindness, and I actually can't and do not believe that she does not understand how she just talks in circles and it makes me escalated. Why is she doing this? I feel like I'm losing my wife here.
I love her dearly but I won't stand to be treated poorly.
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2022.01.19 03:58 SolninjaA Can I use a non-mesh router with my Google Nest Router?

Hi, I was wondering if I can still have my mesh network throughout the house but have a separate router that only provides internet to one room. So basically there would be two internet connections: Nest-WiFi - The house OtherRouter-WiFi - One room
I want to do this without buying another internet plan for the other router, thanks!
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2022.01.19 03:58 camilleryan4 Method of payment on January 21st

I know the reservation portal opens on January 21st at 8am and that I will need a method of payment ready. On this date will I be paying only the reservation fee? Or will I also be paying for the West Coast Trail Overnight Use Fee and the ferry fees? I am just curious because I am booking for a fairly large group.
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2022.01.19 03:58 Ithinkwereparkedman Glmr deposit bonus

Hi, does anyone know when the GLMR deposit bonuses will be awarded? I seem to remember the t&c's saying within 7 days of the glmr campaign ending.
I deposited some glmr on the day trading opened.
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