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Finished my second quilt, for my nieces first birthday - farm theme :)

2021.11.28 15:41 sailor_rose Finished my second quilt, for my nieces first birthday - farm theme :)

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2021.11.28 15:41 Awesome_Lawson- Regice 1671 8189 8838

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2021.11.28 15:41 EachAndEveryHighway Best nightclubs in L.A. right now?

Already looked through some older posts, but they are mostly a couple years old. I recently turned 21. Wondering what nightclubs in L.A. are the best for dancing, preferably 80s music or throwbacks. Going with a guy friend who may be a potential SO. I'm less interested in the food since we're probably gonna eat out beforehand, so I'm looking for good nightclubs where the music/dancing/vibes are great. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews about some of the more popular places, but looking to hear what you all think?
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2021.11.28 15:41 SnooCookies1360 US has the 3rd highest reported inflation rate.

US has the 3rd highest reported inflation rate. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2021/11/24/inflation-has-risen-around-the-world-but-the-u-s-has-seen-one-of-the-biggest-increases/
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2021.11.28 15:41 JustAnotherLurkerDM "I'm down but alive!" -seer i mean crypto

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2021.11.28 15:41 TheN00dleMan looking for foreign ditto

hey everyone im looking for someone who can give me a foreign ditto (im from the netherlands so a non english ditto) if anyone could helpo me out i would really appreciate it. Thanks
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2021.11.28 15:41 TreeEqualsPaper Nothing to say here...

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2021.11.28 15:41 Shadowx8 General opinion on Eatsides from your fans

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2021.11.28 15:41 Haezer- Whistle when charging OP9

My OP9 make some noise, like a whistle when charging. Is that normal? Should I be worried ?
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2021.11.28 15:41 ShaheerZ28 Grinded so hard and got comps and paint jobs only even as a special reward and I didn't even get a single bot or luchador or any thing nice 😔 I am unluckiest player in wr

Grinded so hard and got comps and paint jobs only even as a special reward and I didn't even get a single bot or luchador or any thing nice 😔 I am unluckiest player in wr submitted by ShaheerZ28 to walkingwarrobots [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 15:41 iiQayRay Okay bois do you have plans for sewer slide?

Just wanna know what your plans are.
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2021.11.28 15:41 8hundred35 Drift Before Zohd!! Lo-Fi Fixed Wing Action | 8:35 FPV

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2021.11.28 15:41 bent-grill New vs old vinyl?

So I'm just getting into vinyl and I see a bunch of new pressings of old albums. Is there some qualitative difference? Do they use the same masters? Are the materials different?
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2021.11.28 15:41 assagitaz Christian Smith - Atmosphere [Tronic]

Publisher: Tronic
Out Date: 2021
Quality: MP3 15.19 Mb / AIFF 66.88 Mb
Genre: Techno
Christian Smith - Atmosphere / (Key Fm, BPM 134, Length 6:19)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=509684
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2021.11.28 15:41 Badassbishop15 Link weapons midair atk dmg?

Has anyone tested if midair atk dmg boosts Link Flails C4, C6 and C7 and One handed C4 and C5? The dmg bonus is pretty good but i'm not sure when does it work.
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2021.11.28 15:41 IntroductionCool9287 Not hodling? SA plz hodl!

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2021.11.28 15:41 quagmired00 Al Farabi - The Second Master

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2021.11.28 15:41 IL-med Another smooth operator in the seed game. Quick, easy, safe. Hopefully the beans work out. Buying direct from Archive seed bank, 10/10 would recommend.

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2021.11.28 15:41 Most-Ad5576 Should i drink this beer

Hello. I've found this bottle of beer near a dumpster. There are no signs of damage nor modification on the bottle and the expiration date is okay. I live in poland if that helps.
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2021.11.28 15:41 Marvel_Fan8932 First two pics are White Widow, 2nd two are Gorilla Glue, both autoflowers, Day 10 of the seedling/early veg stage. WW looks great, very nicely and quickly growing. GG is growing slower and is still small, but now has one discolored little leaf. Any ideas on qhat the issue might be with that one?

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2021.11.28 15:41 Claire860 Us period blood our superpower?

Can we use this as fertilizer to grow plants or harness electricity or something?
Is this Mother Nature’s way of giving us an evolutionary power?
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2021.11.28 15:41 someoneispeeing An honest guide on how to beat piranha plant.

Hello. I got bored and really wanted to do this, because I get asked this question by a lot of people and think that putting it down in writing would make it a lot easier for everyone. Plus, I hope people can share it with others who also are confused by the Plant MU. Is this going to make life harder for plant mains? Probably.
There are two ways to explain the piranha plant match up and how to deal with it. There's a short version and a long version.
The Short Version:
Just don't go above the plant. If you challenge piranha plant from above them, you will lose. Plant lacks a lot of disjoints in their other moves, but every move that goes in the Upwards direction is very disjointed and high priority, ESPECIALLY P'tooie. Remember that, and you can deal with a lot of the painful gimmicks that Plant contains. There's more, but that's for the long version.
And if all else fails, and you really, really hate the person playing a very niche low tier, just play Villager or Isabelle. Pocket completely invalidates p'tooie and turns it into a super easy kill move for the Villager that you can combo into. Plus, Villager outranges plant with their neutral tools. Bowling Ball specifically has a really easy time hitting plant recovery due to the way his hitbox is positioned. Villager and Isabelle are Plant's worst match up, and both of those characters are very easy to play.
The Long Version:
To do a long version, we need to discuss the game plan of a piranha plant- Put you at ledge and keep you there. Piranha Plant thrives when the enemy is in disadvantage at the ledge, because all of the tools in their kit cover Ledge options and kill very hard. That is all their game plan really includes. Yes, they can kill in other ways, but the plant mostly just wants you in disadvantage and off stage so they can do their setups. The best thing you can do is avoid their set ups and beat them in neutral, which isn't that hard if you are willing to space well. Because Piranha plant has a trash neutral tool kit and has a very exploitable disadvantage state despite their extremely long range recovery.
Of course, their entire game plan is built around a single tool. You know it, you love it, and you've probably been gimmicked by it- P'tooie. If there is one word I can use to describe P'tooie and one of the reasons why it is so strong, it would be Transcendent. If that word doesn't mean anything to you, it simply means that P'tooie will always win out in a trade and won't clank with other moves. Ganon Stomp? P'tooie wins. GnW key? P'tooie wins. Charge Shot? P'tooie wins. Donkey Kong Clap? P'tooie wins. There are basically no moves in the game that will clank with P'tooie. This is why approaching Plant from above can feel so impossible, because any move that you throw it won't win against P'tooie unless it's a disjoint. When holding the ball over its head, any move that does over 10% will cause the ball to drop. However, since most of the moves that attack below your character also include yourself moving downwards, you'll still probably get hit. While moving after being thrown, attacking the ball just does nothing. It will always win in trades and it hits hard. You can't beat P'tooie. At least, not with attacks.
Plant's entire play style is built around this one move and getting the most out of it. Neutral, disadvantage, advantage, everything. It is a tool that can do it all, but is especially good at ledge trapping. So if you want to beat plant, you need to beat P'tooie. Other than transcendence, it has a few other features that make it such a good tool.

  1. When plant is damaged while holding the P'tooie ever its head, the ball will drop immediately as an active hitbox. It doesn't deal as much damage as it does when it is above the plant or being thrown, but it does hurt a lot and can kill.
  2. Plant's falling speed is much slower with P'tooie above its head. This can be used to stall off stage or for specific ledge traps, which we will get to.
  3. The P'tooie is an active hitbox as long as it is moving. So even when it is on the ground and rolling, it still is able to deal damage and hurt. This means that if thrown at the right distance, it can land on the ground and slowly roll off of the ledge as a constantly active hitbox, allowing for two frames.
  4. P'tooie does the most damage when it has been tossed to the side and does less when simply held over the head of the piranha plant. However, it kills very hard no matter what and can KO consistently around the 100-150%.
  5. When held above the plant, the angle and distance the ball goes depends on the distance it is from the plant's head. Closer to the head, and you get a much longer toss. Farther from the head, and it has a shorter arc.
  6. When floating over the plant head, it is an active and strong hitbox. However, it can be used to start some combos as landing a hit without being thrown gets rid of most end lag.
Let's talk about some counterplay. How do you deal with P'tooie? Well, if it's off stage, your best option is to move around it and avoid the trajectory. Yeah, I'm simplifying it, but the best method to deal with it is to stay out of a committal Up b as much as possible. Air dodging to ledge and jumping back to ledge are the best options. In normal on stage play, you need to space yourself well. Rushing down plant while they have the p'tooie out is a good way to get a konk to the face with a very heavy metal ball. Spacing is important, so unless you have some brainless disjoint, play carefully. As stated before, avoid going above the plant as much as possible, as you will lose. It's also important to remember that Plant can't really throw out p'tooie in the same way that samus throws out a charge shot. The plant has no real way to hit people directly in front of it with P'tooie, so it's mostly going to try and use it at mid range.
Understanding how P'tooie works doesn't make the mu super easy though. Plant can do a fair amount of mix ups using their tools, and they obviously have other things they can use. However, this is where plant falters and becomes a low tier. They have very bad neutral tools. Excluding the previously mentioned disjoints in the upward direction, all of their moves are fairly unsafe on shield and relatively slow. They also lack any combo game. Overall, they suck in neutral. There are some exceptions that are safer than others and you will see plant players use a bunch.
Triple Jab- Plant Jab is frame 2, one of the fastest in the game and an extremely safe option. It is not positive on shield, but for characters with slower OOS options, you can spot dodge afterwards to reset. you will see plant players spam this move a bunch, and for good reason. It's basically their safest grounded move and can be used to tech chase at early percents and keep people off stage. It can be countered through good spacing and good OOS, but it is a very safe move.
Grab- Grab on plant is fast. Standing grab is frame 6, and dash grab and pivot grab are both frame 9. OOS Grab is frame 10, so a really easy OOS option. The throws are all normal except for up throw, which is an extremely strong kill throw. It's no Ness Back throw, but once you're above 150%, you're basically dead from a grab.
Dash Attack- Dash is fairly active. It's similar to snake, albeit much worse, but it is very spammable. They'll use this either as a "get off of me" tool or a way to get you back off stage.
Forward Air- probably they're safest Aerial excluding Up air. Nair is fast, but Fair has some good poke and can be safe on shield if well spaced. Not going to kill, but it is a good way to set up Ledge Traps.
Up Air- Stated before, but a strong disjointed. While it can be used as a landing aerial it will usually be used as a juggling tool/kill tool. Despite how the move looks, it's an extremely strong up air. closer to the blast zone, the UP air can kill around 100% for mid weights.
Nair- A classic spinny multi hit nair. It's similar to Palutena or Byleth, but with a few quirks. First, it will always launch the target in the direction that the plant is facing, so it's not going to send you based on where you are in the move. If the plant is facing left, you're going left. Second, it's their fastest aerial out of shield option. So if you attack shield you will see them use this a lot of the time if you aren't at kill percent. Plus, if someone gets back on stage, they can use it to drag you right back off. It's not going to kill, but it will keep you where the plant wants. Note that it can be used off stage to gimp, because Plant's recovery goes really far. This is the aerial that plant will spam during neutral, and will generally do it from a short hop or falling full hop. Since it's a multi hit, it can technically drag down and be used for some weird combos.
Up Smash- A really, really good kill tool and OOS option. It's Frame 12, so not the fastest, but it kills at around 90-100% for most characters and around 120% for heavyweights. Plus, the head is entirely disjointed. If the Plant catches your roll from ledge with this, you're probably dead.
Down Smash- Another good quick kill option, albeit a less strong kill option. It's frame 10, covers both sides, and sends at a fairly low angle. Used to catch rolls or simply push people away. If the plant ever gets a jab lock on you, Down smash will usually be the follow up.
Down B is another move that plant might use, but it's so unsafe that any plant player worth their salt won't be using it all the time and more of as a mix up off stage or a poke option from afar. Down B, or long stem strike, has super armor. Around 18 percent. It's a lot of super armor, that is true, but it's still going to take the damage. The armor lasts for as long as the plant is inside of its, and the longer it charges, the farther it goes. A fully charged bite from Plant goes about the same distance as a min min smash attack. A lot of plant players will use this in disadvantage to take hits and retaliate or to poke people off stage while controlling the ledge. It also stalls the plant in the air, making it easier to get the bite after jumping off ledge. It is a very strong kill move, and gains more damage the longer the distance the bite is, but can be avoided and punished easily. I will note that it hits very high, so a jump + down b can hit most high recoveries. Unlike a disjointed move like Min Min's arms, The Long stem strike has the unfortunate effect of extending Plant's hitbox along with the move. This means that a Down b can be punished easily with a counter (unless you're sora for some reason) and will usually kill the unfortunate plant. Note that the plant can bail out of using the full distance no matter the charge if need be, so I guess it can be a bait?
Side note- Plant's Bair is maybe the worst in the game? Yeah, little mac exists, but this one sure does punish you. It has a slow start up and lasts for a full second. The piranha plant is committed to Bair for an entire second. Doing a fast fall off of ledge with a Bair will kill plant, even with their insane recovery. It does hit hard and do big damage so it might go for it to punish high recoveries, but it's super unsafe. It is a really strong kill move but it's so hard to land and has way higher risk than it does reward. It has its uses, but it is easy to punish once you learn it. Dair for plant is also not good either. It's technically fast but the spike hitbox is so small and inconsistent that there's no real reason to go for it when plant has other ledge guarding tools. Other than style, which is always important.
You might notice I left out a specific moves that plant will use all the time, and is one of the reasons why fighting him can be really weird- Poison Cloud. Since Poison cloud is a long word, I'm going to call it The Cloud.
The Cloud is a weird, weird move. It's a charge move, similar to Mario's Fludd, but it's also one of the very few moves in the game that does damage, but no knockback. The more you charge it, the larger and longer the cloud lasts. It deals a lot of damage, but it won't cause any hitstun. However, if you somehow get stuck in the cloud, such as a grab or Rapid jab, you'll be taking around 50 percent. Not good. This also means that a shield break from Piranha plant is almost always going to lead to death. The Cloud doesn't break the stun, and does a crap ton of damage. Poison cloud + F-Smash at ledge will kill, even if the shield break is at zero. Unless you have the mash of KirbyKid, you're probably dead from a shield break. Speaking of which, the cloud does deal considerable shield damage, so shielding inside of it for long periods is not advised. Spitting out the cloud also stalls plant in the air, giving it another method of stalling.
Plant will always use this as a spacing tool to keep people at a distance and force them to approach from above, which is the worst possible thing you can do. When at ledge, Plant will spit out the cloud to cover the normal ledge get up and get up attacks, which will inevitably take damage from the cloud. However, the poison cloud isn't the same as Steve block, which completely invalidates the approaches. Since it deals no knockback, if you are willing to take some damage and run through the cloud, you can get the plant at an angle which it doesn't like. The plant can read this and punish you for doing that, so don't get too predictable. This only really applies to neutral, because the ledge usage of cloud is where the shenanigans begin. Now, we can talk about Ledge trapping.
Here is the most common set up you will see plant players use- Poison cloud while standing around the distance just beyond roll get up with a P'tooie over their head. Once you get on ledge or right before it, the plant will spit out the ball and let it slowly roll off of the ledge. As it is moving it is a constant hitbox and does big damage, you need to be careful. Since it's slow, it can cover Ledge Jump, ledge get up, and ledge attack and roll for a good period of time. While it is rolling, the plant is usually free to move around and set up to react to your choice. That's where the issues come in. The plant is now free to do whatever it wants while you are trying to get off of ledge, and you have 2 hitboxes pressuring you to move. You have a few options, such as doing a double jump off of ledge, buffered air dodge off ledge (risky, but can work?), neutral get up with a burst option like a dash attack, grab or shielding to react and then move in. Ledge attack is never a good idea, as multiple plant set ups can punish it or it just gets hit by P'tooie. Timing is key, because if you time your ledge option too early, the rolling ball will hit you and put you back off stage. For the shielding thing, that's risky, because plant can get a grab in and let the cloud damage the crap out of you. If you neutral get up and then do a roll in, the plant can punish your dodge with an up smash or down smash. You just need to get off of ledge, and timing is key. However, the plant isn't just doing this to ledge trap you. Oh no, there's more to the reason behind this specific ledge trap, but we will get to that.
But that's not the only set up a plant can do! No, they have options. However, almost all of them will have the cloud placed at ledge, as that's the best place for that hitbox to linger. Here's a few others.
Plant sits above ledge while holding P'tooie over head with poison cloud also covering ledge. Punishes Neutral get ups, Ledge Jumps, and especially Ledge attacks. This set up is mostly made to bait ledge attacks, as most people have muscle memory that "If a person is standing close to ledge, I should attack him so I can reset neutral." However, P'tooie will drop and give them a good konk on the noggin. If you roll in, Plant can toss P'tooie to follow you if they read your roll. Neutral get up also can get punished by the plant allowing the ball to drop into its mouth, hitting people with larger hitboxes. Like the first set up, it's non committal, so the plant can drop the ball and go for an aerial or smash attack. If it does this, it can nair you back off stage to reset. You should be able to deal with this with a quick neutral get up followed by a grab rather than an attack,as the grab invincibility should cancel out the p'tooie and let you get back to center. However, this option will likely involve taking some damage.
Plant sits above ledge while using down b with a poison cloud on ledge. This is a weird one that has some unique mix ups. The main purpose of this ledge trap is to abuse the Down B super armor. Similar to the previous one, it is specifically meant to punish get up attacks, but it can also generally hit smaller characters more consistently and catch rolls by tilting inwards. Due to the range, Down b can hit really high recoveries and kill them. However, it has a flaw in the way that it can only be angled once. Once the plant commits to an angle, it can't change it. Therefore, if you can trick the plant into a specific direction and then reverse it, you should be able to dodge. You can also go for the grab set up, but plant can space themselves away from ledge to do the same thing while covering ledge. Doing this set up covers ledge jump, neutral get up and using an aerial to get up as well. In fact, if the plant decides to tilt inwards to catch your roll, it will still cover neutral get up and get up attacks due to the size of the bite hitbox. Alternatively, the plant can switch to going off stage with down b to catch your recover, which can kill early.
Plant jumps off ledge and uses P'tooie to cover it. This is a unique set up, in that it is attempting to punish low recoveries. If the plant sees you recovering low a lot, it can 2 frame you with P'tooie. Alternatively, Plant can jump off and down b. In this situation, you need to recover high. Not that hard to avoid, but if you get read, this can be hard to deal with.
Here's the thing about the above mentioned traps- They're all reactive. The plant is constantly trying to learn your ledge patterns and exploit them. Remember that first trap at the beginning? The reason all plant players start with it is to learn your patterns and work around them. True, it is a very good set up that covers most options, but the plant can use it to learn you. If you neutral get up, it can start doing the trick of standing on ledge with down b or p'tooie. The thing plant wants to do is to break you down and learn you so it can trap you repeatedly and get kills. Therefore, the most important thing to do is to mix up your ledge options. If you jump a lot from ledge, you need to switch to a roll or neutral get up, and so on. You can switch to getting up with an aerial, or using a special or whatever, but you need to keep changing your strategy.
But let's say that you get the advantage? Well, the plant isn't going to have a good time. For one thing, plant is the 9th heaviest character (Yes, a potted plant is heavier than Sephiroth, Ridley, Captain falcon and samus. It is technically a super heavweight.) and second fastest faller tied with Little Mac and Dedede. This means that Plant is easy combo food and lacks any quick combo breakers unlike snake. Sure, it has a super armor move, but that's also easy to punish and read. Plus, the recovery doesn't cover the plant head, meaning that an attack from above while the plant is recovering can usually hit it. The Plant is very slow. If you can get a lead on plant, camping is a potential option if your character has the right tools. However, you probably don't need to. Just get them off stage in disadvantage and keep bullying them. This is also a lot easier because plant lacks the tools to win in neutral a lot of the time. Sure, ptooie can be used to bait attacks and do big damage, but that can be spaced. P'tooie, while annoying, can be dodged in neutral a lot easier than in disadvantage, and if the plant throws it from off stage to stop you from edge guarding them you can probably just shield it. Plant is a bad character, and it is your job to exploit that. Any character with swords or disjoints make piranha plant very unhappy. In fact, Plant actually has a losing MU against Little Mac (P'tooie doesn't punish aerial options because Mac doesn't do aerial stuff, and Plant has bad tech rolls. Plus the recovery isn't that hard to 2 frame and Down b can be countered. Plus, Mac has a frame 3 OOS and can rush down plant before they can set up in neutral). no matter how much I love them, I know Piranha plant is a low tier.
So please, stop complaining about P'tooie. As the smash community always likes to say,
Just learn the match up.
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2021.11.28 15:41 Revolutionary_Yak850 🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign to save DeFi and the Cryptoverse!

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2021.11.28 15:41 HariRaamanathan PL Table at the end of Matchday 13 (Tottenham v Burnley postponed). We're 2 points off the top. Next up : Everton (A)

PL Table at the end of Matchday 13 (Tottenham v Burnley postponed). We're 2 points off the top. Next up : Everton (A) submitted by HariRaamanathan to LiverpoolFC [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 15:41 J93_Quinny My pug is driving me crazy

My 8 year old boy pug is driving me crazy to the point that it’s causing friction with myself and my partner.
The main issues - These issues are causing me to shout at the dog so much that it’s causing arguments with my partner because she believes that I shouldn’t shout at my dog when he is doing wrong or something annoying

  1. He eats his food so fast that he’s already looking for other food , and he then tries to eat his mothers food. I have bought a different type of bowl that slows him down but that still doesn’t help.
  2. I put him out for a wee he cries , I pick up his food bowl to put food in he cries , my partner leaves the room for 2 seconds he cries , myself and my partner go into the dining room while he is in the kitchen with the other dogs and he once again cries . He just cries about everything it’s as though when he can’t get his own way he cries .
  3. After he eats his food he licks the entire floor from the kitchen to the living room and hallways . No idea why
  4. When I wake up in the middle of the night to go for a wee , he hears me and decides to screech so loud and bang the baby gate which is on the kitchen door, so loud that if you was a neighbour you would think he was getting attacked by something.
  5. I dread taking him for a walk because the moment I touch his harness he goes super crazy and has massive bursts of energy and starts hyperventilating and jumping everywhere, so hard to get harness on him , and then to top it off , as soon as I open the front door he is pulling me like he is a big dog , he is putting all his force to pull me on the lead.
He’s been the vet and the vet said he is a healthy dog no issues, so I honestly don’t know what to do because there’s so many issues to be resolved. If anyone has any advice I would be grateful as this is a serious matter in my household .
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