Champions out of Covid

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2021.10.23 23:52 Adventurous_Anybody2 Champions out of Covid

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2021.10.23 23:52 toughfuckingtits Some Picrews I made of my OC, Remy

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2021.10.23 23:52 mwfreebies FREE FIELD + FARMER Vegan Queso Dip, A Branded Tote & Stickers If Chosen! (must apply)

FREE FIELD + FARMER Vegan Queso Dip, A Branded Tote & Stickers If Chosen! (must apply) submitted by mwfreebies to FreebiesAndDeals [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 23:52 Thryloz Y'all need Satan.

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2021.10.23 23:52 Zerafian The portal has opened, theres no stopping it now!

The portal has opened, theres no stopping it now! One of the pieces for my November release "Harbingers of Cataclysm"
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2021.10.23 23:52 Gusmaox This is stupid but ...who wins?

Is stupid but you know that some people will chose that guy, right?
View Poll
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2021.10.23 23:52 IngloriousJosh 1,300 hours, a pond of mind altering substance, three mice, two keyboards, and five hundred tons of salt went into the making of this stat screen

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2021.10.23 23:52 kelvs023 AYOOOO???

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2021.10.23 23:52 slabbb- Human League - Path of Least Resistance

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2021.10.23 23:52 Crypticis Solar Reign Update 15.3: Trade, Balancing, Graphics, and Bug Fixing

Solar Reign Update 15.3: Trade, Balancing, Graphics, and Bug Fixing Solar Reign is a hybrid strategy and flight simulation game where you can lead fleets and conquer space. Invade planets on foot, lead fleets through intense space battles, and manage your empire.
Try out an early demo
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Changelog For Update 15.3: Mechanic/Feature Updates:
Ledger of prices of all trade goods at every station and the ability to sort by highest or lowest price. The ledger updates every 10 minutes (affected by time multiplier) to allow for some margin-of-error for the player.
  • Added the ability to purchase stations! Only stations currently not owned by a faction at war with your faction can be purchased.
  • Death removing members from the fleet.
  • Increased screen-shake on damage taken for more feedback.
  • Different types of weapons do different amounts of damage to armor vs shield. Missiles have bonus damage vs shields, and blasters/lasers do more damage to armor.
  • Rewrote faction AI. Now it can determine whether it wants to make peace, war, or allies with any other given faction with complex decision making.
  • The game pauses when escaping from captors to give the player time to react.
Graphical/UI Updates:
  • Highlight on hover for planets and a graphical response when clicking.
  • In Combat HUD changes. Increasing information portrayed to players and making it match the style of the game better by making it flatter to fit the simplistic style. Still a WIP.
  • Friendly units in combat are now labeled in blue and enemies in red. Previously it was based on faction colors.
  • Text for settlement names and commanders are now colored based on status towards the player. Red being enemies and blue being allies.
  • Redesigned smoke graphics for missiles.
  • Main Menu Transitions.
  • There are now nebulae in the galaxy. These function mainly as decorations and to bring some variety and color.
  • Comets that orbit the galaxy (WIP).
  • Consistency among fonts and styles for menus.
  • Redesigned main menu.
  • Faction view has been revisited to make it cleaner and to update it with current systems.
  • Shop slots now show how much of an item you currently have in your inventory.
  • Name for goods in the shop menu.
Balance Changes:
  • Made all ships have less health.
  • Increased rate-of-experience-gain for missiles to compensate for slower fire rate.
  • Made all ships have less health.
  • Increased range of missile turning to hopefully make it easier to hit enemies.
  • Slowed Enemies down to make combat a bit easier.
  • Decreased player health to a reasonable level.
  • Increased projectile speed to make it easier to hit targets.
  • Station resources are balanced to reach an equilibrium rather than spiraling out of control into negative resources.
  • Price volatility of trade goods at game creation has been reduced.

Misc. Changes:
  • Music is now changed when transitioning to combat. More aptly themed pieces play during combat.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed sound bug with firing lasers.
  • Fixed shop bug which required a station to have a product to be able to sell it to them. Additionally, buttons to buy are disabled when you cannot (no money / not enough product) and sell when you do not have any of the items.
  • Fixed a targeting bug that disabled the targeting indicator when the enemy was out of sight but did not reenable it when returning into sight.
  • Fixed civilian ship capture bug.
  • Fixed a major bug in combat simulator which caused certain ship pairs to not properly do
  • Fixed a bug when engaging in combat with Pirates.
  • Added the ability of captors to take some of your money when they capture you.
  • Fixed the bug which caused settlement menus to not open properly all the time. The result was needing to click a station multiple times to open the menu.
  • Fix bug in shop menu which broke trading.
  • Fixed a bug allowing stations to be purchased more than once.
  • Fixed some inconsistency with fonts. Additionally, fixed some planet labels being too small.
  • Fixed a game-breaking bug causing combat to not initiate and the player to be stuck in dialogue or unable to move.
  • Fixed a bug causing money to not be properly saved and loaded.
  • Fixed a bug causing the new explosion-fx for missiles to not have sound.
  • Fixed a bug causing the cursor not to be visible in the main menu when exiting to the menu from in-game.
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the back button for the faction menu not being functional.
  • Fixed a bug causing the speed-up mechanic to not function until a move command was inputted.
  • Fixed an abundance of bugs to do with the station menus. Now they should no longer be as buggy and unresponsive.
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2021.10.23 23:52 ukjk There's a hidden bible within the bible

Bible tells you many things, you think some of them are more important than others.
You think some of them are completely unimportant but that's simply an illusion created to protect hidden knowledge.
For example: What's the matter with stones in the bible?
Genesis 28:11 Says that Joseph on his way to Paddan-aram slept with a stone under his head and had a vision from God, the most important turning point of his life.
But ask yourself: Would you sleep with a stone for a pillow? I have slept on the ground and I'd much rather use my own hands for a pillow if not some soft clothing, but certainly not a stone! We want the softest of materials to rest our head during sleep. Whenever this kind of discrepancy occurs in the bible you should become alert that there is a secret hiding behind the text.
Joshua 4:8 Says that when Joshua was crossing the Jordan river with the Israelites they carried twelve stones from the riverbed (which had dried up for them) and set them up at their camp where they are "to this day."
People just ignore that the bible says "to this day" they think that the author meant a day in history but not today.
Another example: What's the matter with the upper room or roof of the house?
In Joshua 2 Rahab hid Joshua's spies in the roof.
Jesus asked his twelvers to prepare the last meal in the "large room upstairs" (Mark 14:15).
The Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4 prepared a room for prophet Elisha on the roof and furnished it with a table, and a stool, and a candlestick.
Similarly there are many other repetitive patterns and odd things in the bible like escaping through a window by a rope, hiding inside a well, tearing of clothes, etc. Each of which is of extreme importance but is never explained.
If these symbols are important then when doesn't the bible explain them? Because you don't give pearls to swine.
So how do you get the meaning behind the symbols? You go to the coin changers in the temple courtyard. They will take the metaphor and return you its heavenly value in exchange.
What can you do with the heavenly value of these symbols? Why should you even try? You should try to get all the coins (as you would in a video game) because they'll increase your power and vitality.
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2021.10.23 23:52 ISitInTrees Wish it were this easy

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2021.10.23 23:52 Tiger_Yu Nice landing

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2021.10.23 23:52 Weebers01 MY OFFICE NOONA'S STORY - REVIEW

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2021.10.23 23:52 AsleepDirector Revenant PvE Build

Trying to mix up a build that uses lots of stasis abilities fo r some PvE fun. So far I have this but doesn't yet feel quite right... Was wondering if have any suggestions to optimize:
Helm: Hand On, Elemental Charge Gauntlets: High-energy Fire Chest: Concussive Dampener x2, Melee Wellmaker Fr0st-EE5: Font of Wisdom, Absolution Cloak: Outreach, Powerful Friends, Snapload Finisher
Stasis: Gamblers dodge, Duskfield Aspects: Touch of Winter, Grim Harvest Fragments: Conduction, Fissures, Shards, Rime
Stats: 101 mob, 60 res, 74 recov, 54 discipline, 62 int, 60 str
One of my main issues is I feel like elemental wells are awkward to pick up...
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2021.10.23 23:52 gwh34t How to share blog posts to a Facebook personal profile (not a business page)?

Is this even possible? I know Facebook changes some things a year or so ago with scheduling posts to a personal page, but I can't find a way to simply auto share a blog post to my personal facebook page. None of the plugins I'm seeing/searching are working. IFTTT and Zapier don't work either.
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2021.10.23 23:52 revientaholes Is this product good to start dreadlocks on loose curls? (3A, 3B and 3C)

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2021.10.23 23:52 dcummins I Hope This Hits the Spot

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2021.10.23 23:52 Brodygrody Celebrating the lazy weekend with some chocolate iced almond cookies

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2021.10.23 23:52 customx142 Fear and Loathing- Midwest one

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2021.10.23 23:52 Curator_Davies We made a bot that converts playlists between Apple Music and Spotify.

At ProjectListen we are taking playlist competitions to the next level with our playlist bot for Reddit. Post a link from either Spotify or Apple! Winning playlists named every week!
The Project Listen Bot
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2021.10.23 23:52 Not_PC_Podcast Brandon Ingram tonight: 30 points 6 rebounds 4 assists

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2021.10.23 23:52 kbeks But was he wearing a hat?

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2021.10.23 23:52 guywithbigpeener Whats ur favorite rolling stones song ?

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2021.10.23 23:52 Inside_Commercial How do I start stopping?

As the title says...
I started in the 7th grade, weed and computer shenanigans were my only major comforts during childhood. My parents mostly beat me, yelled at me, or ignored me. I started smoking weed because I goy the idea in my head(probably from my burnout Father) that it would make me cool.
It didnt, and the "coolest" I ever was was probably for the couple years I wasnt smoking, when I was in the military.
Military wasnt the best fit for me, I had problems that I couldnt overcome that stemmed from aforementioned childhood stuff. I got home, was homeless for a couple months (after coming home and realizing how shitty my parents treated me....worse than when I was in the military. Shame I didng realize it sooner), then got an apartment with gi bill and was ready to take on the world.
Then covid hit. And I was locked in my room again. Just like when I was a kid. And I started smoking again, late 2019 or early 2020.
Now its almost 2022 and Ive realized Ive done a whole bunch of nothing since I got out. I have a shitty minimum wage job and go to school and get shit grades, and then I go home and waste my time smoking and sitting in front of a computer.
Before the military, I though that joining would somehow make me whole, give me what I was missing, make me a "man". I lost 160lbs chasing that lie, only to come out the other end in a tailspin when I finally realized theres no single thing thats going to make me any better. Now Im almost as fat as I used to be, Im addicted to weed again, and it's even worse because this time I can actually remember a time when I WASNT like this. And I just feel so powerless to change.
How can I change? Can I change? I already failed the first time. Im scared of failing again.
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