(@RKD_ART on twitter) did a little elden ring drawing. Super hyped for the game and thought id share some of my fanart!

2021.10.24 00:41 Yoda_Weed42069 (@RKD_ART on twitter) did a little elden ring drawing. Super hyped for the game and thought id share some of my fanart!

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2021.10.24 00:41 lscamaro (QC) Balenciaga Triple S

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2021.10.24 00:41 inboble Spiking neural network creates reaction-diffusion patterns w/ PyGame

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2021.10.24 00:41 Lonely-dude My father keeps using the word “podcast” as a replacement for “anime!

He has watched more anime than I,he know what a podcast is I have no idea why he is doing that but I’m to afraid to ask
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2021.10.24 00:41 johnsmith1124 Coach Jason Kidd Post Game

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2021.10.24 00:41 bepoooooooooe Pathetic

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2021.10.24 00:41 Spiritual-Function Swimsuit Mordred~♥

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2021.10.24 00:41 Tanabe21 Meet Aries he’s 9 weeks old

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2021.10.24 00:41 Jaded_Ivory What map to play?

I’m genuinely stumped right now. I started seriously getting into the game last wipe and have been loving the game since, got kappa twice last wipe and am around level 39 or so this wipe but I’m just having trouble picking a map that’s fun to play right now
Shoreline used to be great but over the last maybe 80 or 90 or so raids I’ve played over the last few days on it I’ve legitimately gotten i think just 2 ledx and that’s it, no other valuable loot, just a bunch of loose loot. And pvp has been lack luster because of this.
I have troubles trying to convince myself to go to customs because outside of dorms and marked room, the map is kind of bland in terms of loot since it’s literally just all loose loot which, like I said, shoreline has plenty of so I’d just rather play that.
Interchange is rat central and that’s if I don’t die of spawn to someone close to me. On top of that all of the loot either gets swiped instantly or just doesn’t spawn that often .
I never really got into reserve even though I always wanted to since pvp seems right up my alley on that map considering the layout. But I’ve heard that the loot recently has been pretty shit and I dont even know all the best loot spots or routes considering how spread out the loot is. Maybe some of you can tell me if it’s still worth it or not because I really wanna give it a chance but im not convinced right now.
Obviously labs is great for loot and pvp but I simply don’t have the money for the keys or even the access card as of right now.
At least looting stashes on woods is fun, righ- zZz
In conclusion I don’t really know what map to play. Obviously I don’t expect to get stupid rich quick but I also whist expect enough money to tide me over which im not really getting right now unless I simply rely on loose loot over high rarity spawns but that just doesn’t seem too fun to me atm. I just wanted to come her for some input if possible. Thanks :)
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2021.10.24 00:41 Latisha772 Barbie-Luxurious Latisha

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2021.10.24 00:41 greenjustin2008 My character tier list write your oppinion in the comment

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2021.10.24 00:41 OgataJiraiya Dense-zuru POV:

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2021.10.24 00:41 Koloradio Mom says we're twins 🥔😂

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2021.10.24 00:41 Obvious-Magazine9076 Cross server

Can u play with someone else in a different server cuz me and my friend are on different servers and I'd rather not have him spend 1000 cartel coins just to switch if I can help it
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2021.10.24 00:41 Dansingcow My dog just got neutered and now he’s getting agressive.

My dog is a German shepherd Male; is 15 months old and just got neutered a month ago. He is randomly barking at other people now and I think he was about to attack/bite another bigger dog when they met on a walk. Is this normal? Will he go back to normal? Please let me know.
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2021.10.24 00:41 ZoobBot 182070

This is the 182070th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.24 00:41 JackSmrs Statistics Homework Help

-Questions based on likelihoods of Poisson and Gamma Distributions
-Use of R in a couple of questions

Deadline: 10/24 11:59pm
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2021.10.24 00:41 splendidowl543 Im really sorry to post three times today but god they keep on coming

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2021.10.24 00:41 Gobi_Masala A part of a dead animal can rest in peace but it could have also been someones meal.

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2021.10.24 00:41 hydanphen My Precious!

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2021.10.24 00:41 NumeroUdo Just started Act 2, where should I go first?

I'm confused on whether I should take this time to backtrack to Kenabras and visit the locations I missed or just go north or east towards Act 2 stuff.
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2021.10.24 00:41 DraftyMakies Mix and mog

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2021.10.24 00:41 Ash_5858 Providing Documentation of Superior Academic Achievement in USAjobs?

I am planning on applying for some GS-7 jobs and have some questions about how to provide proof of SAA in USA jobs. I won't actually graduate with my bachelor's until December. I have a 4.0 GPA so I'm sure I will qualify with respect to the GPA requirement of SAA. But for the "Applicants must be in the upper third of the graduating class in college, university or major subdivision, such as the College of Liberal Arts or the School of Business, based on completed courses" requirement, how do I provide proof of that? Do I need to get some type of statement from my university saying I'm in the upper third? Or is just my transcripts and the GPA included in my resume enough?
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2021.10.24 00:41 ForksnFrenchFries I want Duels man.

The thing I miss most about playing WoW back in the day was running past a bunch of dudes just duking it out in some random area. Can that come back? PvP is already a thing.
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2021.10.24 00:41 Classic-Demand3088 .

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