The American school system is fundamentally broken and uses methods that are contradictory to its goal of educating students.

2021.10.24 00:11 AgentStarkiller The American school system is fundamentally broken and uses methods that are contradictory to its goal of educating students.

TL;DR: I'm too cool for school

This is gonna be a bit of a lengthy post so feel free to just read the bullet points. I would like to state some info right off the bat before we get into things so there aren't any misconceptions about what I'm talking about or my credibility:

  1. I have graduated from high school in a ritzy, suburban, white-bred, corvette-driving neighborhood. My POV will be taken from this point. I know public education in poorer neighborhoods is far worse, but this is all that I've experienced, so it is what I will be talking about.
  2. I've received very high marks in all levels of education. (K-12 and College)

Alright, enough about that, let's get into arguments. They are as follows

The way students are graded pushes an impossible standard of perfectionism.
I still for the life of me can't understand why teachers got rid of retakes past ~7th grade. It's almost like they want their students to give up learning the material if they don't do well enough the first time around. This isn't how learning works, no one can understand every topic perfectly the first time around. If you get a 90% on a test, there is still 10% of the info you haven't fully grasped. Why not incentivize going back to learn it?
"In the real world, there are no second chances! It prepares you for life!"
Is a phrase I hear all too often to retort this. School isn't the real world, it was never meant to be. Even so, teaching students to never go back and learn through their mistakes is a horrible lesson and I have no idea why so many people fall back on this line.

Students are incentivized not to learn, but to do everything in their power to obtain a good grade.
Cheating and plagiarism wouldn't be nearly as much of an issue if it wasn't such an effective strategy to get a good grade. I don't agree with these methods, but given the choice between failing high school or graduating unethically, most students would probably chose the latter if all other options were exhausted.
The "smart kids" on the other hand have perfected min-maxing and building relationships with teachers to get higher marks. This involves abusing the syllabus and strategically studying to get the maximum amount of credit and/or ignoring or purposely not studying harder topics that are worth less credit.
Here's a few examples from my experience.
  1. I realized early on that if I got 100% on all the homework assignments, I could more or less fail every single quiz and still get an A. The material on the quizzes was much different than that of the homework. I failed almost every single quiz and got a perfect grade on the homework, which was completion based.
  2. I had more or less a perfect score in a class. I did some math, and calculated that I only really needed a ~50 or so on the last test to get an A for the course. I decided not to attend half the lectures for the rest of the semester and diverted the time to other classes/sleeping in.
Students do this because they simply do not have the time or energy to learn everything and get the best grades at the same time. You get to pick one or the other. My priorities (and those of many students) are not to learn, but to strategize the most efficient way to the highest grade. The system will continue to be manipulated until it is replaced, as this is how it was fundamentally designed.

In creating a general standard or "common core" we have effectively taken away the agency of education.

By nature of the common core and other standardization methods, we force students to adapt to a singular style of teaching. There is little room for "outside of the box" thinking when there is only one highly specific way to solve an algebra problem and only one choice of novel for mandated reading assignments and essay prompts. Sure, sometimes the ways taught are the easiest ways to learn the material, but this is not nearly the case with every subject.
Instead of giving students more freedom as they mature, everyone is forced to take essentially the same courses the entire year, with sometimes an elective if you ask nicely. While many of these courses are indeed useful, they are quite divorced from appealing to even a small minority.
What's worse is that if none of the mandatory subjects taught at school interest you and if you haven't explored any of your interests outside of school, you will have no idea where to go to college. (or even if you need to go to college!) Knowing so little about economics and the price college would have on not just myself, but my parents is immense and not something high school prepares you for.

Most teachers have no idea how to effectively teach a topic or engage a class.
Out of all the teachers I have encountered, very few have the presentation skills to captivate their class. Please keep in mind when I say "captivate" I don't mean entertain. School isn't a reality TV show. Most of the time, (especially in STEM) teachers will simply speak to the class in a monotone voice with bland, text heavy slides with little/no class engagement of the topic unless a question is asked. They rely on the negative reinforcement of getting a bad grade as motivation to suffer through the purgatory that is their lecture. Remove the threat of the grade and the students will run for the hills. But there are always a few teachers spread far and thin who manage to turn the dullest of subjects into an interesting (sometimes fun!) time.
What do these teachers do that makes all the difference?
  1. Engagement: Involving the students in the exploration of the topic is a great way gather interest. Fire off a bunch of questions left and right and let students figure it out together. Don't just tell them the answer all the time, let them discover how and why something works the way it does.
  2. Variation: If all you do is lecture, odds are I can learn the material just as well from a YouTube video. Why not mix it up and do something different once in a while? What's the point of even teaching if you aren't going to try to build a relationship with your class and show them why you enjoy the topic?
  3. Mood/Atmosphere: Do you take a moment to come up for air every now and then with a joke or two? Do you connect with your students at all? Do you engage with them about anything after class except for schoolwork. What do you do when everyone is stressed about an upcoming exam? If you say nothing and just lecture, don't expect anyone to care about you or the topic very much.
  4. Mercy: Such an insane amount of emphasis is put upon grades that failure can lead students to extreme mental, physical, and social problems. Understanding a students situation and cutting them some slack every now and then is a good thing. Some kids get beat over this stuff, the least you can do is show a bit of mercy. You lose literally nothing by doing so.

All of the above problems compound into the epidemic we know as the teen mental health crisis.
Honestly, how could they not? It's a fundamentally broken system through and through. It's a shame really, the best years of your life spent grinding away at skills that probably won't pertain to your chosen career. It's no wonder teens are getting more and more depressed as time goes on. Forced into monotony for over 12 years, only to likely attend college to do the same for another 4. There is only a few months transition from asking for permission to go to the bathroom to making financial decisions that will affect you for the rest of their life. At least this time you get to choose what you want to study, provided that your high school self didn't screw you over gradewide. It's almost like teenagers are imperfect and sometimes irrational. They shouldn't be burdened with the weight of consistent perfectionism thrown at them from every angle.

If you made it this far, congratulations! Please tell me your thoughts, I'd love to hear them.
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2021.10.24 00:11 photorph Is the a7s III still relevant given the a7 iv is now out and costs less with more features?

Seems like sony is trying to kill their a7s iii sales? Besides a minor crop in 4k 60 fps (not a big deal) and slightly worse rolling shutter...seems like for the price a7 iv is a much better camera.

Did sony just shoot themselves in the leg?
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2021.10.24 00:11 NekoAyumi Anyone have any issues with pearsontestprep?

I am going through Security + 601 Exam cram, it noted try the questions on I made an account(one time it ACTUALLY loaded) and i verified I owned the book, and it says go back to the link and click Pearson IT, and log in, but this page will load like it is using dial up and it is ridiculous. Does anyone else have issues? Its NOT my internet , all other sites run fine and fast, youtube , twitch , etc works fine, but pearsontestprep stalls to oblivion and back and i dont get it, I try the is it down, they claim its up but its so unbelievably slow so how do they know??
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2021.10.24 00:11 uhl478 I have a quad 3 implant bridge coming up. I need some advice. Ideally, would like to do screw-retained bridge.

From tooth 3.5 to 3.7 ((#18 to #20). Radiograph and information about implant here
Your thoughts on posterior cement-retained bridge vs screw-retained bridge? I ideally would like to do screw-retained as I tend to avoid cement-retained anything for posteriors.
For screw-retained, should I select both abutments as non-engaging (non-hexed)? Or do 1 engaging (hexed) and 1 non-engaging? I would need to do a verification jig with floss and GC pattern resin, correct?
Obviously, you cannot do engaging copings for screw-retained bridge (unless doing cement-retained) due to passive fit issues.
Need some advice. Thanks
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2021.10.24 00:11 Baloncesto_Ricky Need a camera for decent zoom pics

What I am looking for are zoom images that are full body zoom (not face zoomed), and good quality (not fast action pictures, but walking action at most.
The specific parameters: camera rules at Target Center prohibit cameras with changeable lenses (so no SLR or DSLR). I do not want a phone camera, unless it definitely is better than every possible option in a regular camera. I am willing to go up to $650 or so in budget.
Is there such a camera available?
My world traveling friend, for traveling purposes, recommends the Canon PowerShot SX70 - would that work, or is there a better camera?
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2021.10.24 00:11 gamelord12 How do I make my Brook Universal Fighting Board based controller stop registering right analog stick inputs?

Ordinarily, I wouldn't care. The right analog stick isn't really used in fighting games, and it's ordinarily not mapped. However, in Guilty Gear Strive, pushing the right analog stick in a direction causes an additional UI panel to display in the online modes that mostly obscures a lot of the information I need to read at the top of the screen. When I open up the Game Controller settings screen in KDE, I can see that Axes 4 and 5 are registering -32767. Pressing the Right Trigger button on my custom-built hit box controller simultaneously registers button 8 as PRESSED and axis 5 as 32767 (instead of -32767). Likewise, in Guilty Gear, pressing the Right Trigger button makes this additional UI panel go away, but that's not really feasible to hold this button mid-match. I tried using Steam Input to completely unmap the right stick, which does get rid of that extra UI panel, but that left me unable to use the R3 button, which is frequently used for recording dummy actions in training mode. I tried using the Linux SDL GUI Gamepad Tool to remap the controller without any right analog stick inputs, but I still get the same result in Guilty Gear Strive and in KDE's Game Controller settings.
Does anyone know how I can fix these input issues?
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2021.10.24 00:11 Squishy_bread Can't tell if I (30F) am being too critical of long distance relationship (34M) or ignoring red flags

Some background: Known each other 1+ year, met online. Basically spent a couple nights per week for the past year playing games together and talking (progressively more seriously) on discord, and video chatting. We started "dating" more seriously in the last couple months including meeting in person once for a long weekend (we're pretty much on opposite sides of the country). So it's kind of a weird blend of not really knowing them for that long but then also them being one of the closest people to me in the past year given how much time we spend together and the things we talk about.
One thing I really like about this relationship, and probably the only reason why I pursued someone online/long distance, is that he is very much into communicating, being vulnerable, and talking about serious topics like opinions on politics, family, marriage, etc, while also being really open and at least trying to be accepting of other views. I really like this about this person and it has not been my experience that this is the norm. He told me very openly that he was ready to take next life steps like getting married, having kids (if I wanted), and told me he intended to propose to me one day. It did feel fast to me but also I'm generally in the boat of feeling ready for next steps provided I meet the right person. All of this has given me confidence that I know what to expect with this person because I feel like they have put all of their cards on the table.
But... that said, when I look at the cards, I'm a little disappointed, especially after having some time to reflect on what our dynamic was like in person. In addition to some behaviors I'm not sure are red flags or me being too critical, I feel like he's been giving me reasons why I shouldn't want to date him. The last time someone tried to tell me who they were I refused to listen and it didn't end nicely for me. So I can't tell if I'm too vigilant about wanting to listen to who people say they are, or if I'm being too critical of him. Here are some examples of what I mean:
- He told me he thinks I'm out of his league and doesn't understand why I would date him. He also told me he doesn't know why I take so much care in my appearance when I could just "be like him" (I think he is insecure that I am probably conventionally more attractive but the funny thing is I was more attracted to him because of his mind.)
- At least once a week when we hang out he's super wasted or high and while it's sometimes fun and endearing, he doesn't seem to remember things we talk about later which kind of bums me out. My last boyfriend abused opiates and was constantly high and it's kind of triggering to feel like I'm back in that dynamic again with someone who isn't really there. I know it's not the same and I drink excessively sometimes too, but it always leaves me feeling really weird when we have these nights.
- I think he is insecure about how I have a more successful career and I think he can infer that I make significantly more money (I live in a HCOL city though and he doesn't, so it's not exactly 1:1). Before he knew that about me he would offer to pay for things like movies we watched but I always declined. When I went to visit him, he was clearly very uncomfortable about paying for me. We ended up taking turns paying which I guess bothered me a little because it was my first time visiting him and it felt very transactional. Also he's been living at his parents during WFH time to save money sooooo it's not like his whole paycheck is going to rent (mine almost is!). I wouldn't expect an SO to pay for me forever, but the first weekend meeting I guess I expected to feel a little more swept off my feet? I would have even insisted on splitting or paying even if he had tried to pay, but he was like "you going to get that?" some of the times which was like :/
- I noticed he would go out of his way to describe women as "hot" when telling me about something or fixating on the "hot" woman in whatever we're doing. It was starting to make me feel uncomfortable because it has never been consequential to whatever we're talking about I don't feel like I need to describe men as hot when telling a story. That feels unnecessary and disrespectful unless we've established we are comfortable with that kind of dynamic. I have really struggled with setting boundaries in past relationships so it took a lot of courage to tell him that it made me uncomfortable and I'd prefer if he did not tell me about it. I know everyone looks, myself included for sure, I just asked not to hear about it. Instead, he told me that he would definitely keep looking because he can't help it, if I ever wanted to call him out I could but "not in front of his friends", and then made me watch a 10 min youtube video about how thoughts pop into your brain. Kind of feeling weird about how he blatantly rejected that boundary for reasons I don't think are really that good and also warned me not to call him out in front of his friends, something I would never do anyway because it's rude!
- On the subject of friends... I think he cares way too much what his friends think of him. He has a nice friend group that I got to meet and it was really nice to find out that they mostly seemed like decent dudes. But there were a few times when I was there in person where I felt like he went out of his way to cater to his friends while leaving me alone. They even clowned him for it a bit and he got kind of mad, but I kind of have to agree -- I came a really long way to meet him and it felt a little off putting to feel like I'm 2nd priority to them. He told me before I came that he was going to cook dinner for me one night which I thought sounded really romantic.. it ended up being cooking dinner for his friends. It was nice of him though, so I feel like I'm an asshole for being annoyed about that. But why did he tell me he was going to cook for me? He also told me the only reason he wanted to see me over the holidays was so he'd have someone to kiss on new years eve.. in front of his friends. Like I'd prefer someone has friends than no friends, but I feel like he goes a little far.
- In fact on my 2nd night visiting him he invited one of his friends to crash in our hotel room after we were out drinking. I definitely would prefer that the friend not drive, but we could have called him an uber and I would not have spent my second night with this person in a small hotel room with another man I had just met hours before. He didn't even really give me that much notice either it was like btw this guy is sleeping here tonight. I guess my point is I feel like he makes decisions that affect me without really asking and when I think about this in the context of future planning it really worries me. But I also start to feel like the asshole because I'd rather his friend be safe and crash with us than not, I just wasn't really given the opportunity to state my opinion.
- He has some really questionable view points about social and political issues that I feel weird about, but I try to stay open minded. The problem is I always end up feeling like I have to make some weird concessions about my beliefs. I think this is more on me not being good at setting my boundaries so I need to work on this. But some of the stuff he says is pretty heartless I think, like not explicitly sexist or racist, but more like an opinion formed in the absence of seeing the people he talks about as human? I guess that's what makes me feel weird. Example: On two occasions bringing up how great Christopher Columbus is and making me state my opinion on Christopher Columbus. I just don't understand why it was so important to him that we talk about Christopher Columbus. Like it seems kind of innocuous but also he's going out of his way to tell me he thinks Christopher Columbus should be celebrated and doesn't care what things Christopher Columbus did along the way. This is just one example of many. They seem like kind of random, weird debates but the more of his view points he brings up, the more uncomfortable I am with how he seems to see the world.
- Two weeks after I visited, he told me that he felt like we were moving too fast and talking about too many serious things and we should be sure we really mean it before we go too far "because we're not getting any younger". I cannot believe I was so swept up in this dude's future talk that we didn't use a condom one night and actually listened to him when he said if "something happened we'd figure it out". He also proceeded to tell me he can't wait to have sex with me again though.
I think I just need to take a break from dating.
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2021.10.24 00:11 freakdageek I gotta say…it’s awesome to see one of the big 4 professional sports being played at the Key again.

I know I know, “Climate Pledge.” I’ll admit that I was skeptical about the renovation, and thought maybe they should start with a new modern facility, but man there’s so much history under that roof. It’s impossible not to think of watching the Sonics in that building while watching this game. Really cool to see.
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2021.10.24 00:11 abeal91 He's ridiculous. How is this even comfortable? 🤣 This is pretty typical of my boy, Dio.

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2021.10.24 00:11 Timegoesby_ What are the requirements to be a pharmacy tech?

I just recently got hired at CVS and my store manager wants me to do pharmacy tech but I kind of just want to be a store associate honestly. 😅I need to know what the requirements are though to become a pharmacy tech. I always thought you needed a high school diploma to be a tech? I don’t have a high school diploma so I don’t want to devote all the time and energy and then find out I can’t do it you know? Do you guys know anything? Is there a way I can get official information from somewhere? Thanks.
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2021.10.24 00:11 pmjojo2000 Ok, so I already made a post a few days ago. but some things have changed so I'm looking for a different name now.

So I'm adopting a rescue racing pigeon that had a wing injury when she was found. She went to the vet today for a check-up and the vet said that her bone has become infected. so the tip of it will have to be amputated. Soooo I'm now looking for a name that means one or that has to do with missing a limb. Anyway, I like the name hiccup or toothless because they have leg/wing missing. Any other suggestions? thanks
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2021.10.24 00:11 TechnicalDouble6712 13-15 year olds ask, 16-19 year olds answer.

This is a safe space, guys. We ain’t here to judge
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