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2021.10.28 02:10 Usual-Lengthiness-54 Murder Drones favorite quote

Well... We're getting close and closer to that one scary day where the show finally gets uploaded, but at what time? We'll find out soon, but I gotta ask, what quote is your favorite and why?
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2021.10.28 02:10 _Headline_Bot_ (October 22, 2021) Officials answer questions and debunk conspiracy theories

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2021.10.28 02:10 Tzardine Most dangerous thing your parents did to you as a kid

So then, what was the most dangerous thing that your parents used to do to you as kids that would never happen today.
I always thought that dressing kids up in bin bags and plastic face masks, and then letting them stand in front of a 50 foot fire on Halloween was pretty dodge.
Also, my old man drove us from Kerry to Kildare. 4 kids in the back, no seatbelts and a vice-grips for a steering wheel.
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2021.10.28 02:10 CrypticL0gic Meld 4 is a scam

Please don't stake with any of the meld 4 pools, they're fake. Yes meld 4 now has two pools...
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2021.10.28 02:10 JJPJ Recent Releases, No. 20

Reviews of three recent releases on
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2021.10.28 02:10 duffman828 Turning glove in while in stance

Hi everyone! I’m re-examining my stance and I’ve wondered this for a while: Is there any benefit/ detriment to turning your glove in a bit while getting ready for a shot?
I’ve always seen something more like this stance as being “correct”: “Normal” glove position
But I’ve been increasingly seeing more goalies turn their glove in toward their chest. Holtby Is a good example: Holtby Glove in
Does anyone know if it’s just a quirk of some goalies stances to turn the glove in or if there’s any utility to this?
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2021.10.28 02:10 luneroom 2018 and 2020 redraw

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2021.10.28 02:10 Dream-Valley Hmm is this a good idea? trying to write a vampire story

I have an idea for a short novel where the protagonist lives in a world like ours but with a twist. A society of blood demons or more commonly known as Vampyres live in a town that can not be seen on any map because the town is shrouded in a mist.
The Vampyres do come out at night to feed and as a result, humans have become hostile towards them.

The protag is a human who ends up pressured into being a Vampyre hunter, despite his reluctance.
He's given the assignment to go into the woods and capture/hunt a Vampyre but ends up injured. He's saved by a Vampyre, who he later falls in love with.
The thing I'm going for is to subvert stereotypes on vampyres and possibly show them as morally grey creatures that aren't as bad as the humans who unnecessarily hunt them, make them out to be...

but that's where I am stuck at and can't seem to advance the plot.
I know its a bit dumb and trope-y...but its an idea I had in my mind for a long time. So I am looking for any tips and ideas for fleshing out the world and the story a bit more.
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2021.10.28 02:10 Responsible-Ad-1587 18F new to the city

Hi! I came to Chicago for college a couple months ago but don’t really have a set group of friends or anything yet, and the clubs I was most excited about joining both meet during my night class unfortunately. Anyway I feel like I’m a really chill person. I like to watch movies (I’m not a film student lol) and tv shows, go on walks, get food, and try out fun free things in the city. Feel free to message me if you are looking for a friend too!!
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2021.10.28 02:10 Assqueen1 19 [F4M] Left alone right now wanna get naughty with me?? Add my SC: queenass2147
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2021.10.28 02:10 Fresh_Pants Just saw the post where that guy had just drank milk

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2021.10.28 02:10 world_cycle Ace romance books?

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2021.10.28 02:10 TorielMommyMilk is this everything released under abandoned pools?

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2021.10.28 02:10 Lohenngram Any tips on maintaining consistent tense?

I keep running into problems with shifting tense while writing. I'll go from present to past tense and back without realizing it, and it happens even more frequently in action scenes. I'm trying to find ways to avoid this, both to become a consistently better writer but also because fixing it in the edit requires a lot more time and energy. I'd rather just not make the mistake in the first place.
Do you all have any advice for keeping consistent tense when writing? Does this sound like a symptom of another problem like telling instead of showing?
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2021.10.28 02:10 tngpc Im going to big sister

Dad and his girlfriend sat me down tonight and told me. I know this very wrong of me but I am started wondering what if something happened to dad what would happen to me?
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2021.10.28 02:10 Zev3X WTs Oculus need Ist

Got 2
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2021.10.28 02:10 bigbyteworld Leading website designing and development company in India

Big Byte World is a leading website designing and development company in India provided all kinds of website design and development services.
See More:
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2021.10.28 02:10 ObligatoryPokemonRef Hey, does anyone have any advice for a newbie DM/GM on designing and running funnels?

Going to be taking part in a multi-GM campaign called a west marches campaign and we're going to be running funnels regularly for new players. Lots of cool funnels out there, but are there any good resources for creating your own?
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2021.10.28 02:10 Riki_0808 Why indians don't use reddit?

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2021.10.28 02:10 PettyWhite719 I love Toothless’ floofs! (Quick tubbing while I switch out water and a dessert while they wait)

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2021.10.28 02:10 SE_to_NW Exclusive: Taiwan ROC's President confirms presence of US troops on the island

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